Why does it seem like kids grow up so fast? We love seeing our clients as much as possible but sometimes it is just once a year. Most people don’t miss those yearly photos. Yearly photos are important and we make sure everyone has the opportunity to do a session. We have the birthday club that includes 16 session, regular sessions or mini sessions. By offering plenty of options so there is no excuse for anyone to not take a yearly photo. It seems like those years go by so fast. We decided that because Jacob was 2 years old we should go to the park. Knowing most 2  year olds are on the move it makes it a bit easier to get those smiles. We know that they want to walk around so we are able to do that at the park. It was a beautiful day and Jacob showed up with his smile. Right from the start he was talking to us, of course it was just a few words but he knew what he was saying. He understood everything we asked him to do. He even did a few poses himself, those photos are the best because it show his personality. Mom said he loves to have his photo taken! Great, because we love to take your photo Jacob. We were so glad that we had a nice morning to take the photos. The weather has been so up and down lately. Mom said that Jacob loves to be outside and it really showed in the photos. He had a great time exploring the rocks, tree and bridges. We love to see what each child enjoys when we see them for the yearly photos. We are looking forward to seeing Jacob again. Mom mentioned maybe some fall photos so perhaps we will get to see him two times this year!   #ravettaphotography #stlphotographer #parkphotos #yearlyphotos #springphotos #twoyearphotos
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